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History- The Birth of a School

At the heart of a progressive town in Muntinlupa, Which bounds Metro Manila from the province of Lagun a school was established under the pioneering spirit of Dr. Nelia A. Barlis. Inspired by the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori and determined to fulfill her dream of giving the people of Muntinlupa an affordable but high standard of education, Southemside Montessori School was born.

It aims to educate the young minds in the discovery and understanding of themselves in all aspects of education: physical, social, mental and emotional.

The school also inculcates in the minds of these students the virtues of uprightness, a sound positive nationalism, service to society, love and preservation of the heritage of the Filipino people.

Founded in 1988, it started with fifty eight students (twenty seven boys and thirty one girls) with three staff members (Mrs. Bertilla R. Diaz, Melita S. Guanlao and Divina H. Redondo). Classes were held in the extension of the residential house of Mr. and Mrs. Danilo F. Barlis, located at Katihan Street, Poblacion, Muntinlupa, Metro Manila. After a few years of existence, the school has metamorphosed into a modem learning institution with buildings sprawled in an area of about a hectare whose student population ranging from Pre-school (Junior Casa, Junior Advanced Casa and Advanced Casa) to Grade School (I — VI) to Secondary School (First Year to Fourth Year) continues to escalate.

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