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Academic Curriculum


In line with the thrusts of the Department of Education and as integrated with the SMS Vision/Mission, the school abides by the following instructional programs:

1. The Pre-school is guided by the Cosmic Curriculum enhanced by the use of Montessori Materials.
2. The Grade School is guided by the Elementary School Curriculum under the Basic Education Curriculum (BEC) with the integration of Montessori Cosmic Curriculum using the Montessori materials.
3. The High School is guided by the Secondary Education Curriculum under the Basic Education Curriculum (BEC) with the use of some Montessori materials to enhance learning.


Brief Description of Subject Areas

  • English / Filipino
  • Science and Health / Science and Technology
  • Mathematics
  • Mother Tongue
  • Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health
  • Civics / Social Studies
  • Good Manners & Right Conduct / Values Education
  • Arts and Design Track (Visual Arts - Performing Arts)
  • Scouting / Citizenship Advancement Training
  • Home Economics and Livelihood Education (HELE) / Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE)

English is taken as a course from Junior Casa to Grade 12 while Filipino starts in Grade I as part of the school curriculum which aims to develop the four basic skills — listening, speaking, writing and reading so that students will have an effective communication of their ideas and experiences for the fulfillment of their goals in life.

This learning area aims to help the students gain a functional understanding of science concepts linked with real-life situations, and acquire science skills, as well as scientific attitudes and values needed in solving everyday problems pertaining to health and sanitation, nutrition, the environment and conservation.

Arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry are presented in every curriculum level given emphasis that differ from year to year which will lead to the enhancement of one's capacity for critical, independent thinking, logical reasoning and making sound and accurate judgment. it also gives emphasis on number system and advanced concepts depending on the needs and abilities of the pupils/students.

This is the government's banner program for education as a salient part of the implementation of the K to 12 Basic Education Program (Grades 1 to 3). It is designed for the new learners to have more focus on meaning. For them to be able to listen, speak and read with understanding and express their ideas, experiences and goals in life.

This subject which includes music, arts, health and physical education is geared towards the holistic development of the student's aesthetic sense and appreciation.

This course will help students understand the basic concepts, principles, theories and methodologies of the various disciplines; acquire thorough knowledge of the Philippines and the global situations which will lead to the strengthening of their love for their own cultural heritage in a democratic society.

This subject focuses on the character formation of the students. It seeks to guide the students in developing their values, increase their capacity for reflection and critical analysis and achieve integration of personhood.

This curriculum innovation is being done to expand the students' learning horizon, to prepare and help them decide what course they would like to take in college.

This subject develops the children's courtesy, discipline, their national spirit and knowledge about their duties as good citizens and leaders of our nation and the world.

This course is an integration of home economics, agriculture, entrepreneurship and industrial arts which develop the student's appreciation for the value of work in preparation for their future life roles as an entrepreneur, parent and citizen.

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