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Grading System

Pre-school - Elementary - High School

1. There are four (4) grading periods. The weight of each grading period has an equal weight to compute the final rating.
2. The descriptive and numerical system of grading is being used for Elementary and High School.
3. For the Pre-school skills learned are color coded in addition to its numerical grade.
4. The passing grade in any subject is 75% and the lowest grade is 70%
5. The ceiling grade from first to fourth grading periods is 99.
6. Greater emphasis is given to students' performance; students who participate in curricular / co-curricular activities are given credits: the grades are computed as follows:

Pre-school - Elementary Junior-Senior High
Quizzes 30% Performance Task 20%
Quarter Exams 20% Assignment 10%
Class Standing 25% Q.E. & Long Quizzes 40%
Assignments / Projects 15% Class Standing 20%
Attendance 10% Attendance 10%

7. Absences due to hospitalization or communicable diseases will he excused from the computation of attendance.

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